Saturday, November 5, 2011

Translation of Chèche à la sauce bidules chouettes

This is for all the fans of Chèche à la sauce bidules chouettes who cannot read a French crochet pattern.  

The author of the pattern, Katia, gave her permission for the pattern to be translated and a kind member of Ravelry has translated this wonderful pattern into English for us.  

Several members of the Crochet Shoulder Wrappers Group  have tested the pattern.  We will be hosting a crochet along of this wonderful project in April, 2012.  Please join us.

Below the pattern, you will find links to Katia's blog and the project page on Ravelry.  


Translation of Chèche à la sauce bidules chouettes
The shawl takes about 4 -50 gm balls ; crochet hook no 3,5 or 4 mm according to the yarn chosen. 
American crochet terminology used. 
Abbreviations ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochet tr : treble 
Picot : ch3, sc in the first ch.
1st motif: 
• ch 4 
• dc3-ch2-dc4 in the first chain then ch 3 and turn 
• 3 dc between the 1st and 2nd dc of the previous row, 3dc-ch2-3dc in the ch 2 loop, then 4 dc between the next to last and last dc, chain 3 
• 3 dc between the 1st and 2nd dc , skip 3 dc, 3 dc, skip 3 dc, dc3-ch2-dc3( shell), skip 3 dc, 3dc, skip 3 dc, end with 4 dc ch3. 
• Continue on in the same manner, starting the row with 3 dc between the 1st and 2nd st, skip 3 dc, make 3 dc up to the ch 2 loop: in the loop do dc3-ch2-dc3 and repeat ** End with 4 dc between the second to last and last dc, then ch 3.
Her first motif measures 30 cm long. 
2nd Motif: 
• do 2 rows of dc: always start by ch3, 2 dc in the first dc of the previous row, then do 1 dc in each dc in the shell, and do dc2-ch2-dc2 in each ch 2 loop, then again 1 dc in each dc of the previous row ending by 3 dc in the last dc. 
• Do 1 eyelet row: ch4, 1 dc in the 1st dc, * dc1-ch1-skip 1 dc* repeat ** to the ch 2 loop of the shell and do the dc2- ch2- dc2 shell then repeat ** ending with dc1-c1-dc1 in the last dc. 
• Repeat 2 rows of dc, 1 row of eyelets, 2 rows of dc, 1 row eyelets, 2 rows of dc.
3rd Motif: 
• Ch 6, 1 tr in the first dc of the previous row, * skip 2 dc, tr-ch2-tr in the same dc* repeat ** 
• 2 rows of sc as for the 2nd motif
• Working in the 4th dc: tr-picot-tr all in the same dc repeat 7 times (7 tr and 6 picots), work a sc in the next 4th dc then repeat this entire motif all around the edge.


  1. Thank you so much for the translation!!

  2. Thanks for the translation. I am very excited for this pattern. How much yarn do you need, length-wise, to complete?

    1. Hi. Because I have no idea what I'm doing as far as answering questions here on blogspot, I don't know if you knew that I answered your question on 1/3/13, so I'm posting again.
      Hi. The last two I did were about 550 yards.

      If you're a member of Ravelry, please do a search of the pattern and you'll find more information.

  3. I am working on this pattern now and this is my first time making a shawl. I guess my only question right now is when it states that the first motif measured about 30 cm long, is that correct? I measure 30cm at about 12" and that doesn't seem to be enough to go across anyone's shoulders. I'm assuming that the measurement is across the lower straight edge of the motif. Can someone clarify this?

    1. On the last one I made, my first motif measured 11.5 inches down the spine and 21 inches across the top.
      PS - (I sent an e-mail to you with more info.)

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  4. Hi. I'm going to delete your message to get your e-mail address off the blogspot thing.

    I'll send you another e-mail in a minute.

  5. I know this post is old, but I thought I'd point out that in the 3rd motif section it should be 2 rows of dc, not sc. :)